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Jolanta Zschorlich
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Power of Persuasion 1 - Charisma, Performance and Professional Presence


Sympathetic aura and a competent manner are prerequisites for business success - professional competence provided. Our modern working world needs approachable and authentic people. It's all about presence in a broad sense. To this end you’ll optimize your body language and your way of speaking with simple acting techniques.

Training Content:

  • convince in presentations, meetings, sales;
  • promote communication with an open posture;
  • clear and confident body language;
  • create trust by establishing eye contact;
  • convince as a speaker with momentum and calm;
  • cultivate an attractive speaking voice;
  • underpin confidence with appropriate "inner attitude";
  • deal with stage fright;
  • use humor and keep your cool.

Methodology and Target Group

This is a hands-on training. With my method Professional Presence® several hundred participants per year have developed effective delivery skills. For analysis and self-assessment, we use a video camera. To support your learning process, you will receive a script with key recommendations, exercises, and the necessary theory.


Your Advantage

  • This training will help you to develop a confident business manner, get full attention and convince with self-esteem.
  • You will be aware of your personal impact, because your self-image is in harmony with the impression you make on others.
  • You will be able to integrate direct reports and colleagues through openness.
  • You will receive three individual hints on how to strengthen your authentic power of persuasion.

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