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Introduction to the German Labor Law


Managers from abroad often are not familiar with the legal legislation of German Labor Law. This creates uncertainties with regard to legal obligations and usable scope of actions. As a consequence often necessary leadership duties are not exercised or incorrect decisions are made. This training course, held in English, provides an overview of the basics of German Labor Law.

The main regulations and principles in German Labor Law:

The works constitution law:
• hiring employees
• allowed questions
• probationary period
• temporary work contracts and part-time work
• participation rights of the works council

Main regulations for employees protection and their impact to leadership tasks:
• labor protection act
• working time act
• maternity protection act
• severely handicapped persons act
• protection of minors at work act

Disruptions in employment:
• lack of performance or behavior
• leadership duties
• admonition and reprimand
• participation rights of the works council

Termination of employment:
• termination reasons
• procedure of a termination incl. notice period
• participation rights of the works council


Objectives/your benefits

  • You will receive an overview of the most important regulations of the German Labor Law.
  • You can broaden your understanding how the different legal regulations influence your action opportunities in leadership.
  • You will increase your confidence to manage your day-to-day leadership tasks in compliance with the legal legislation.
  • You will recognize how the HR department can support you and be your partner in all HR topics.


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